an evening with raw:almond

an evening with raw:almond

What I’m wearing:

Puffer Jacket: Forever 21

Cardigan:Lucky Brand similar

Turtleneck:Club Monaco

Jeans: Topman

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

What I love about Winnipeg is the tremendous amount of talent and creative people who bring such creative projects to the city. Getting to know people from events and simply just networking has allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals on projects.

During the cold winter months, things to do outdoors around the city of Winnipeg can be limited. However, there is hope! Since 2013, Mandel Hitzer (chef/owner of deer + almond) has created a unique fine dining experience on a frozen river entitled, raw:almond for those who brave the cold to indulge in some of the most finest dishes you’ll ever taste! However, people don’t just come for the exceptional dishes but for the experience and ambiance that surrounds the event. I met Mandel Hitzer at previous events and have always admired his ambition and taste for being creative! This year, with the launch of my new blog and possibly my final winter here in Winnipeg, Hitzer and I collaborated on this project to showcase Winnipeg’s cultural mosaic of all things design, food, community, and of course…FASHION! To not give too many spoilers and for you to experience raw:almond yourself, here is a summary of my evening. Enjoy!

raw:almond takes place during January through Febraury where people come together to celebrate a night of warmth, laughter, and indulgence beyond your imagination. Tickets usually sell out very fast and have 3 seatings (5:30, 7:30, 9:30) which feature different chefs each night. The night starts with everyone gathering around one large table which creates a sense of community and a chance to meet other friendly folks. I happened to be with my dear friend, Morgan (aka MO MO) and her family which was super fun!

MO MO captures the table setting at raw: almond.

raw:almond has received lots of media attention for their unique concept, especially internationally with raw:almond pop-ups in Tokyo, Gimli, and the next one taking place in Churchill, Manitoba aka the polar bear capital of the world!! When I first sat down with Hitzer to discuss our collaboration, I was truly impressed by the amount of work and logistics that goes into planning these pop-ups, especially going across seas to Tokyo and up North to Churchill which is very remote and only accessible by plane.

Preparation in the kitchen. YUMMY!

Here is the menu which varies each night to keep it unique and exciting:


  • BC humpback shrimp, bell pepper, kale lobster, melon, vanilla
  • potato chip and smoked mackerel
  • MB lamb and foie gras tartare, sesame


  • scallop, chicken vinaigrette, napa cabbage, apple
  • tagliatelle and truffles
  • swiss chard, roasted celeriac, shrimp, cloud fungus, pork broth
  • sable fish, forbidden rice, trout eggs, cabbage

dessert – my fav!

  • almond panna cotta, mueslis, pickled blueberries
  • namalaka, matcha, orange

me after consuming 5 dishes of delight!

interior of raw:almond…and the FOOD!

I want to give a huge thank you to the man himself, Mandel and the entire team of raw:almond for making this collaboration possible and allowing me to showcase this unique experience. If you ever see yourself travelling to Winnipeg or live in the city, I highly recommend booking tickets! You can find more info at

Mandel Hitzer & me.

Here are a couple more pics from my experience!

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    Such a great post, Ry! xx-KP

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