Falling in love: With Coal & Canary

Falling in love: With Coal & Canary

10784127904_IMG_1996.jpgcheck out my latest collaboration with Coal & Canary. 

Hey everyone,

Goodbye summer, hello fall! What a crazy couple months it has been from travelling to Montreal, seeing Beyonce & Jay-Z and working two jobs. Life has been hectic, but no complaints, on that hustle grind. Now that university is finally finished has made me even more motivated to work hard and spend more time on the thing I love most…blogging! It always feels great to sit down and write. I’m happy to share with you an exciting new collaboration that I have the privilege of being part of!

This season I partnered with Winnipeg candle company, Coal & Canary as a #CCInfluencer. My dear friend, Amanda Buhse started this company along with her best friend Tom Jansen. I could not be more excited to be selected to showcase such a great brand in my very own city! It feels full circle working with them as I have conducted a marketing case for Coal & Canary back in my university years. Now, having the opportunity to work with them as an influencer feels like things just lined up perfectly. My love for the C&C brand comes from the mastermind and dedication Amanda has put into establishing a strong connection with consumers not only in Winnipeg but in the world full of celebrities (YASSS HONEY SLAY), and the reach it has had and continues to have. I want to thank Amanda and everyone at Coal & Canary for selecting me as a #CCInfluencer and allowing me to explore the world of candles a bit more! 

I took one afternoon to explore Pineridge Hallow with my good friend, Morgan Wilson, follow her @morganmaryy. We took a little road trip listening to the A Star is Born soundtrack blasting it in my car and creating some new content. ENJOY!

*use code: RYAN15 for 15% off your purchase at checkout. Coal & Canary

Coal & Canary


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