Greetings from the island of Santorini! Greece has always been on my bucket list since I saw Mamma Mia and literally you feel as though you are in the movie (where’s Meryl Streep when you need her). The most beautiful part of this island is the quintessential feeling and state of happiness you feel! It truly is a honeymoon/romantic getaway but even for the young, adventurous tourist. Our hostel, Pension George was located in the village of Karterados, 15 minutes away from the capital town of Thira. The family who runs it were so friendly and welcoming, we truly felt a sense of ease and relaxation. Santorini has plenty of villas that offer great places to unwind by the pool.

Pension George

Santorini is small enough to easily commute around via local bus, ATV (which I do not recommend). The picture perfect island is Oia, near the northwestern tip of Santorini. The town is known for its whitewashed houses with colourful blue roofs, churches, and breathtaking sunset views (if this doesn’t sell you on it…I don’t know what will). The views are simply breathtaking, the sky turns this warm pinky blue that is unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. Santorini definitely makes the top five places to visit!


Drink plenty of water while there as it is very hot in the summer months of June to August. The evenings cool off but are when most of the people are out for the day as it is more pleasant. Definitely try some authentic greek yogurt and greek food from many of the great restaurants and cafes.

No trip to Greece is complete without visiting the heart of ancient Greece and capital city, Athens. After spending four days in Santorini, we flew to Athens where we got the best history lesson of ancient Greece. Anywhere you look in Athens points to the iconic, Acropolis. The temple contains remains of several ancient buildings, the most known being the Parthenon (pictured below).


Athens is filled with temples each unique in its structure and importance. Other great attractions include visiting the Ancient Agora of Athens known for its ancient Greek gathering place. The Temple of Olympian Zeus (pictured below) is a monument of Greece and a former colossal temple dedicated to Olympian Zeus, a name originating from his position as head of the Olympian gods. A for Athens is a great place for a evening cocktail (or several) and the view is amazing! Unfortunately, it was so packed so we only stayed for a bit.

I highly recommend Greece to be on everyone’s bucket list and I hope to visit again sometime in the future. Next time I would love to visit the islands of Mykonos, Rhodes, and more beaches!

Temple of Olympian Zeus


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