BONJOUR Paris! The city known for its cafe scene, fashion, and so much more! Every corner of the city is just a dream. From strolling the quiet Parisian streets to soaking in the culture, Paris is truly one of a kind. I went around mid-March which was a perfect time to go although a little bit cooler than usual (bring a peacoat). Traveling around Europe is very affordable and Hostelworld is one of the best sites to book hostels. We stayed at Generator Paris which they have a chain of hostels throughout Europe (I also stayed at one in London). The location is easily accessible the metro (I warn you now, it does smell!).

On another note, Paris is filled with endless coffee spots on every corner. I was having a latte every two hours to check out all the hot spots. The best place for brunch is a cute little place called, Holybelly (pictured below). It has a waitlist, so go early if you want a spot! Other spots that are worth the visit are found below:


  1. Holybelly – BEST BREAKFAST
  2. Cafe Kitsune – cute cafe located near Palais-Royal
  3. Fondation Cafe
  4. CRAFT
  5. CREAM – now closed (amazing oatmeal!)

Besides exploring cafes, there are tons of attractions to see which I’m sure we are all familiar with. Finding hidden treasures is what keeps travelling so exciting for me and yes it is great to visit the hot spots (Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre-Dame) but exploring new places allows for a fresh perspective. I highly recommend taking a visit to Foundation Louis Vuitton and Palais de Tokyo which are two modern art galleries featuring exhibits from local and world artists (great places for taking pics!).

Another great attraction is taking a day trip to visit Palace of Versailles which is easily accessible by train. Make sure you book tickets to Versailles before going as wait times can be approx. 2 hours, if not more! We unfortunately had a flight to Berlin the same day and did not have enough time so we felt a bit rushed. I recommended just putting a day aside to see it all, because it is MASSIVE! I believe they have tour groups that you can go with but we did it on our own which I preferred.

Paris is stunning and I can’t wait to go back soon (hopefully for fashion week) and re-visit some of these places and explore new ones.

As they say, Paris is always a good idea! Next up is my trip to London!


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